Gautam and Karishma now sing and Dance while fighting with each other

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Gautam and KT have a grear talent I must say! The way they give content and entertainment to the show even around the animosity they have towards each other. Sometimes they literally quarrel! Sometimes it's just a cold war.  Sometimes sarcastic taunts, and sometimes funny comments to put the other one down. This time the fight was exactly in that fashion, as Karishma gave a flying kiss to Gautam and Gautam caught it in SRK style showing how much they love each other.

Wow! Wotta style! As the two said ‘Love you!’. Karishma, who went to do her hair found Gautam teasing around her, singing and dancing and KT joined him too. In between KT also kept asking Gauti, why was he always up with ‘I, me and myself?’ Instead of giving a reply or justification, Gautam questioned her back asking her why she was always rude and rough in her language towards him?

Sambhavna, who was sitting in between looked at each one of them turn by turn as if it was some table tennis match going on! She kept giggling throughout. But still how much ever they fight Gautam would come upto only KT to do his hair with her machine, and KT would do it. This time too, Gautam asked her to finish off her stuff  and makeup fast so that she could puff his hair up. How cute! 

I wonder if there was a nomination for the best squabbling-pair?


Till then,do whatever you want to do man!


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