Gautam and Karishma just can't be friends!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 5th, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Sambhavna is not only a friend of Gautam friend but also his next-door neighbor! So since she was here in the house after Puneet left,Gautam found a friend in her with whom he shared a comfort level. Gautam was seen discussing with her how Karishma always misunderstands him all the time without giving second thoughts, referring to an incident last night when he jokingly tried scaring her by saying that he would chop off her flairy gown from bottom and Karishma actually took it seriously as she dared him to do that and said she would cut his leather jacket in return. The duo have always had severe communication gap and this has been the major reason for all their fights so far!


Gautam was once again seen explaining why things always go wrong even when he tries to be friendly with Karishma! Sambhavna bluntly said “Wo ladki kisi laayak nahi hai,hum isspe kabhi bharosa nahi kar sakte” In short Sambhavna is not liking her too! Oh no KT!! Beware of this challenger!


On the other hand, Karishma was seen calling Gautam a ‘badttameez’ in front of Dimpy. She explained the last incident that happened between her and Gauti and said how she cannot tolerate his silly jokes!


Will this fight go on till eternity? Or this fight has some affection involved?


Catch the episode tonight at 9 pm!



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