Gautam and Karishma become talk of the house!

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Dimpy looked a little disturbed through the day post the heated discussion that happened during the job allocation. Dimpy thought to share this with Sonal and expressed how she wasn’t being liked now just because she gave extra work to others. Karishma who was fighting with her and made statement like “Hum Big Boss ke ghar kaam nahi karne aaye hain”forgot that there was a slight overload on others because she (Dimpy) was concerned about the ill health of Praneet and Diandra (So called ‘friends’ of KT) only! She said she missed on realizing that part.


In fact Dimpy also stated that Karishma was among the same lot of people who condemned against Sonali when she had made a similar statement about not being at the Big Boss house to work. But today she was making a contradictory speech! How un-cool was that!


On the other hand Gautam and Diandra were seen having some serious discussion on how he felt hurt when Diandra supported others for Gautam not being the vice-captain. Diandra modestly responded saying she said whatever she felt. Well,we have noticed Di you make comments only when you believe in that but guess your ‘good friend’ should understand that nature too? They both debated the whole day over and over again on the same topic but thankfully no major fight occurred!

Now it depends how the complex matters get resolved or do they make the situation even more perplex for the audience to understand their true nature!


Stay tuned tonight to watch all the action.


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