Gautam and Diandra have some personal time

posted by Admin, last updated on December 4th, 2014 at 4:37 pm

After being almost scandalized with Di’s act of kissing in front of everyone, Gautam went speechless for a long time. He said he wasn’t able to realize what had actually happened! It was all so sudden. After a lot of roothna manana Gautam was able to win back her smile.

Diandra commented on Gautam having too much resemblance with Salman Khan. A little amused by the comment, he told her she was the fourth or fifth person telling him the same thing. Oh Gautam looked so flattered! These two people hardly leave each other!

Diandra also expressed with her other pals in the house about how badly she wants to party once she comes out, especially after meeting the contestants, who were out of the show. While Gautam, who is appointed in the kitchen currently along with Sonali keeps having tiff with Sonali every now and then. I feel like shooting myself sometimes listening to the reasons they fight about!


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