Gaurav's matrimonial ad on Bigg Boss

posted by Seema Chugh, last updated on November 8th, 2016 at 5:37 pm

It’s only Tuesday on week 4 and we can see our Bigg Boss contestants trying to explore some really fascinating information about each other. The members of the celebrities team – Gaurav and Bani, who recently have gotten into bitter fights on the show, saw some friendly moments this morning.

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What started with lovely brew of a ‘Coffee with Gaurav and Gurbani’, later led to Bani asking a fun question to her co-host, Gaurav.


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Bani asks Gaurav to a give a low down of his matrimonial ad from his mother’s point of view. Well that’s a fun twisted question Bani.

Here’s what Gaurav had to say in his reply…

Does Bani have more questions for team-mate Gaurav? Find out on Bigg Boss tonight at 10.30PM!

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