Gaurav's cute efforts to patch up with Bani on Bigg Boss 10!

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Gaurav and Bani have been seeing a rough phase of their friendship on Bigg Boss 10. There’s been a series of fights, arguments, misunderstandings but every time they have overcome the bitterness and moved on. Will it happen yet again?


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Bani is upset with Gaurav




Irked by Gaurav’s proximity to Monalisa, Bani opened up to Manveer yesterday. Tonight she speaks her heart out to Rohan. Earlier, Gaurav tells her that he has a soft corner for Monalisa and Bani shares this with Rohan. She expresses that she is unsure whether Gaurav will continue to support her. She says she is not confident about who would Gaurav vote for between her and Monalisa. In fact she always had a doubt about who he would vote for between her and Lopamudra for that matter.


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She narrates to Rohan how Gaurav has promised to stand by her and protect her. According to her, that is the reason behind her counting on him and his support. However, Gaurav is never around when it comes to doing things actually, she says. She finally says that Gaurav should just accept that he’s made a mistake.


Tune in to Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 10.30PM to know why Bani is upset with Gaurav but do read on to know more about the cute side of Gaurav…





Bani isn’t speaking to Gaurav but he wants to express his feelings to her. So he comes up with this really adorable thought of pasting an apology on the back of his jacket. The apology says, ‘B * (Read as ‘Star’) I’m Sorry.’


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The housemates find his effort totally endearing. While Monalisa, Nitibha and Rahul appreciate his intentions to patch up with Bani, Rahul tries to convince a still upset Bani to give him another chance.


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Bani however says, ‘Yeh sab kis liye? Cameras ke liye?’ Stay tuned to Bigg Boss 10, every Mon- Fri at 10.30PM to know whether Gaurav’s effort is successful or not.

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