'Friday ka faisla' is bringing in a lot tonight on Bigg Boss 11!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on October 6th, 2017 at 1:54 pm

Just one week old season, there has been end number of stories in the house to talk about. We have seen people changing colors in a matter of days. One thing that has remained constant all this while is Vikas and Shilpa’s hatred for each other and the demo of which we saw in front of Salman Khan himself.





Tonight’s special episode will show ‘Friday ka faisla’ wherein the relationships will turn even more sour in the Bigg Boss house.



We will get to see the matter going out of hand when Arshi in annoyance would use two packets of milk saying she will only have milk since her tea was burnt by a housemate. Rest everyone gets taken aback seeing her behavior, also at the time when people are already miffed with her. In fact Hina gets into a verbal spat with Arshi, and others come to support Hina. Hina in anger warns Arshi that if she touches her for the third time the repercussions would be really bad





Arshi will be seen challenging everyone for the 'panga' they have taken with her. Housemates say that the food items are used by everyone and she holds no rights to misuse things.





Want to know what action will be taken against her? What faisla will be taken against her?



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