Football match followed by Gautam's bithday party in the Bigg Boss house!

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The Luxury budget task this time required the girls in the house to choose three men to play a football task in the activity area. The floor of the activity area was made slippery with sand and oil making it badly slippery. The chosen men were – Upen, Gautam and Praneet. The boys were supposed to move the footballs kicking gently till the red mark and then striking a goal. The challenging bit was to roll the balls uptil the red line, which was difficult owing to the zero friction supporting the grip. Boys played like kids and I had fun watching them.Upen won the game by converting12 goals and he won a trophy too! Yayyieee! Let’s see how the luxury budget benefits housemates.


Later in the evening Di was called inside the confession room and to her awe there was a birthday cake waiting! Since morning all the housemates kept requesting Big Boss to send a birthday cake for Gautam. You could see a million dollor smile on Gauti’s face, who had actually lost hope of having a birthday celebration. Not only this, Bigg Boss also played ‘Urvashi Urvashi.' That was not all,  there were back to back party tracks played for celebrations as all the boys got shirtless to dance and to set the right mood the lights in the house were turned milder. Oh Gosh! But then a slow track was played hinting at Gauti and Di to dance in each other’s arms! Diandra looked so shy! Awww!


It was an incredible end of the day!



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