Flashback: Checkout these awesome moments from Comedy Nights Bachao when Deepika and Ranveer paid a visit

posted by Ruchi Acharya, last updated on April 19th, 2016 at 10:50 am

When asked about why she came back on the show, Deepika hurriedly went and kissed lBharti and said it was just for her.

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Krushna and Ranveer at their best! Ranveer and Krushna seen here sitting on a bed full of flowers looking at each other in an awkward way. It was definitly a sight to watch.


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Bharti draped herself in a navwari sari just like the one Deepika wore in the Pinga dance and flung herself onto the Bollywood hunk Ranveer and danced on the famous number Ang laga de

Comedian Bharti Singh lifted Ranveer Singh up in the air during her act on Comedy Nights Bachao
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Bharti got on the stage wearing the golden Deewani Mastani attire, the sort Deepika is seen wearing in the film. The two were seen shaking their leg to the beats of the song 'Deewani Mastani'
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