Five things we love about Dolly dadi! #CNWK

posted by Neha Verma, last updated on July 25th, 2014 at 11:28 am


Gone are the days when we would think of dadi as the senior most as well as the serious most member of the family. Today when we think of dadi it reminds us of this one – Dolly dadi of Comedy Nights With Kapil. Despite being the senior most person in the family she is fun loving and child like. She adds energy and spark as soon as she comes on stage. She is so adorable that we all wish to have a dadi like her. Let’s see dadi’s characteristics that make us love her even more.


Dance: Her Scissors dance step is to die for. No matter how many times you see her doing this step, it looks evergreen.


Shagun ki pappi: If you are a man and you are on Comedy Nights stage, no one can save you from Dadi’s token of love.


Ittu sa: Her invention of ‘Ittu sa’ has become a synonym for decribing tiny or little things these days.


Awwww le le le le le le: Wow dadi your love seems infinite when you pamper Awww le le le le le le style.


Phhhui: Crying is not always sad it can be funny too. Check out dadi’s ‘phhhui’ emotions.

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