Five Things That We Expect Tabu To Reveal On The Show

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Tabu has been part of the film industry for over three decades now, and still continues to be a crowd favorite. Tabu’s last year’s release Haider in which she played Shahid’s mother, is an example of what a phenomenal actress she is.  Catch her this week on ‘The Anupam Kher Show’ and hear her talk about her life, her journey in Bollywood, her passion and much more.  Here are a few things that we expect Tabu to reveal on the show.

Tabu, the serious actor: We have seen Tabu play some heart-wrenching and closer to life characters, however on The Anupam Kher Show, we heard her giggle like a little girl! It intrigues us as to how a chirpy woman with a heart of a little girl pulls off such serious roles?

Who takes her breath away: We have heard Tabu's co-actors go gaga about the supremely talented actress. In fact, after Namesake, Irrfan Khan confessed getting attracted to her. We wonder which male actor makes Tabu skip a heart beat!?

Tabu's childhood: By now we know about almost all the Bollywood actresses' childhood stories. Iit would be really interesting to know an anecdote or two from her about her own childhood.

Acting in her genes: For those who do not know, Tabu is related to Actor par excellance Shabana Azmi and her elder sister Farha was one of the most popular heroines of the golden 80s. So, was it like a following the suit or she was genuinely interested in acting? 

Tabu, the poetess: Yes! Tabu is a brilliant poet and she loves to cook. Would like to hear her recite one of her nazms and would like to know the magical recipe of her Bollywood famous Biryani! 

Tell us what would you like Tabu to reveal about her life, career and dreams! 

Don't forget to watch Tabu on The Anupam Kher Show, Sunday, 7PM.

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