Five Things That We Expect Sonu Nigam To Reveal On The Anupam Kher Show

posted by Oindrilla Bhowmick, last updated on August 20th, 2015 at 8:36 pm

He is the voice behind many of the popular Bollywood numbers! Sonu Nigam, one of the most famous playback singers and the voice behind chartbusting numbers like 'tanhayee’ and ‘saathiya' is going to take the hot seat this week on 'The Anupam Kher Show'. One of the few versatile singers from the current lot of singers, hear Sonu Nigam speak about his journey in Bollywood, his passion and much more. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the things we expect him to reveal on the show. 

He is multi-lingual: Sonu Nigam is the only singer who can singer proficiently in over 12 different languages which include Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malyalam, Oriya, Urdu, Nepali besides others. We are certainly envious of someone with such a lot of talent!

Chance Encounter: If it wasn’t for Kumar Sanu who turned up late for the recording of the song ‘ek ladki ko dekha toh’ from 1942 A Love Story, maybe Sonu Nigam wouldn’t have been where he is today. The producer of the movie was infuriated at Kumar Sanu for turning up late and forced the music director of the film R.D Burman to work with the young Sonu. For everyone there’s a plan and it looks like this was his!

The Child Prodigy: Sonu Nigam started performing at a very tender age. He was merely four when he joined his father on the stage to sing the song ‘kya hua tera wada’. Thinking about how cute he must have sounded back then, we can’t control ourselves from going all gooey thinking about him. 

Sonu Nigam, the actor: Not only has Sonu sung for films but also acted in some of them. He debuted as a child actor in the film Betaab and as an adult he starred alongside Juhi Babbar in the movie Love in Nepal. By the looks of his versatility, it seems there is nothing that Sonu can’t do! A man with such talent is certainly really hard to find!

Sonu, the voiceover artist: Sonu Nigam has even done voice overs for several animated Hollywood films like Rio and Aladdin. For someone with such a blessed voice, we are not surprised that he tried his hand at something as fun as this!

To all those who dream of pursuing a singing career, don’t forget to catch Sonu Nigam on episode 4 of The Anupam Kher Show on Sunday, 8 PM.

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