Five things that we expect Sania Mirza to reveal on the show

posted by Oindrilla Bhowmick, last updated on October 9th, 2015 at 2:23 pm

She has been an inspiration to many! A Padma Shri awardee and the first Indian woman to rank world no.1 in woman’s doubles, Sania has made the country proud on more than one occasion. On this week of ‘The Anupam Kher Show’, watch Sania MIrza talk about her life, career, marriage and much more. Here are a few things that we expect Sania Mirza to reveal on the show. 

Passion: Sania has been passionate about tennis since a very young age. She was merely 6 years-old when she picked the tennis racket for the very first time. But we wonder if there was any incident that drove her to take up tennis professionally or was it just her love for the sport that she couldn’t do away with. 

Rebel:  Sania found herself amidst  controversy very early in her career when a fatwa was issued against her because of her tennis attire. For someone who had just started her career and stepped outside her comfort zone, the fatwa must have come as a complete shocker. Looking at how far she has come, we would surely want to know if that controversy had any effect on her professional or personal life.. 

Bollywood: Sania is not only known for her tennis skills but also her fashion sense. She has been turning heads in the fashion circles ever since she stepped into the limelight. With a pretty face like hers, we wonder if she ever plans to join the Bollywood brigade. We bet she must have been offered many leading roles in the past and wonder if she ever plans to take the plunge? 

Childhood: Playing the role of a father and a coach must have been tough on Sania’s father. Sania’s father gave up his career to give time to his daughter. We bet the two have quite a few fun memories from her childhood and we can’t wait to hear some of them from Sania herself. 

Marriage: Sania Mirza married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik very early in her career. Despite the cross-border  tensions, the two seemed to have made a home for themselves in Dubai. We wonder what it is like for the two when they are playing against each other’s countries in their respective sports and who do they support? 

Don’t forget to catch ‘The Anupam Kher Show’, Sunday, 7PM.

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