Five things That We Didn't Know About Waheeda Rahman and Asha Parekh.

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Yesteryear actresses Asha Parekh and Waheeda Rehman came together for the very first time and talked about their journey in Bollywood with actor Anupam Kher on this week of 'The Anupam Kher Show'. Here are a few things that the two revealed on the show. 

Waheeda Rehmanji

What’s in the Name- Back in the times when the cinema-scape was different as compared to what it is today, it took great courage and confidence to be able to take one’s stand.Late Shri Guru Dutt Sahab had told Waheeda ji to change her name as it didn’t sound swanky enough for the screen. She took a stand saying that she loved the name that her parents had given her and  won’t change it whatever the consequences be. It looks like she was a fighter from the beginning.

Bold and Beautiful- Plunging necklines and bare minimum clothing are what's  the call of fashion today. Waheedaji always made sure that she would wear an outfit that would fit the character and not just to merely show off onscreen. We must say, the lady had her values and boldness both balanced out well. 

Aaj ki Waheeda- When asked who she thought would be apt to carry the title of 'poise' and 'elegance' in today’s league of actresses, and without batting an eyelid she named Vidya Balan. Yes, Vidya's demeanour is very much like the yesteryear reigning actress Waheedaji Rehman.

Papa Kehte Hain-Little Waheeda who was the youngest in her family and the most pampered, aspired to become a doctor. However, she fell ill pretty frequently and her father used to tell her that if she wanted to help other she had to be in good shape all the time. She couldn’t finish her studies and that's why she couldn’t become a doctor. However, her father didn’t stop her from acting and always believed that ‘talent’ goes a long way if treated with respect. She did her first movie CID where she played  a negative role and was paid a salary of merely Rs2500. Hard work and perseverance goes a long way and she is a proof of that.

Guide to Chicago Film Festival- The director of the movie Guide never wanted to cast Waheeda Rehman as their leading lady. At that point Bollywood heart throb Dev Anand pitched her name saying that she was a graceful dancer and that the character of the leading lady required that and she was a perfect fit for it.  After much disagreements, Waheeda landed up as the lead heroine and went on to win the Best Actress at The Chicago Film Festival. We bet the director must have thanked his stars for casting Waheedaji in the lead role!

Asha Parekhji 

Shall We Dance- It goes out without saying that this Diva won many hearts on screen and off screen during  her time. What won her heart though was her unflinching love for dance. Right from childhood Ashaji knew that dance was her calling. She recalled how the late Prem Nath ji who used to visit a C.A. who happened to be her neighbour at that time had mentioned about Asha and he was so mesmerised by her dance that he had even called Madhubala and Nimiji to come see her perform. Well, Ashaji's love for dance is quite evident on screen too. Don't you think so too?

Her Favourite Duo- The chirpy Asha Parekh who has given numerous box office hits says Vijayanti Mala was the one person she used to look upto because of her dancing and she loved the on-screen jodi of Vijayanti Mala and Dilip Kumar Sahab. You are not the only one, we loved their pairing too.

Jubilee Girl’s take on Romance- With phenomenal performances and weeks of movie screening, Asha soon came to be known as the jubilee girl of the Hindi cinema. Her on-screen chemistry with most of her co-actors gave the story an element of real success. She doesn’t have a count of all the jubilee movies but she does mention that in those times the romance felt more real as the script was written in a certain way and the characters were treated in a more realistic manner. Today the times have changed and the naïve romance seems to have gone missing. We agree with you Ashaji on that!

The Girl Gang- Both Waheedaji and Ashaji have taken holidays together. Ashaji fondly remembers the time they went on a cruise twice and visited Istanbul, Turkey and Alaska. Looks like they have kept their golden heart and youth alive. They meet and travel together. Its wonderful to see how the bond is still growing inspite of the years that have gone by and have kept  their friendship alive even now.

If she had to- During audience interaction , Ashaji was asked who she would  pick as the leading man opposite her and with an unfading smile, she replied, Aamir Khan. We wonder how amazing Aamir would feel once he knows about the same. We are sure his happiness will know no boundaries!

In case you have missed the last episode, click here to watch. 

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