Five things Kapil does to make us laugh! #CNWK

posted by Neha Verma, last updated on July 14th, 2014 at 5:19 pm


Comedy Nights With Kapil has become a rage if we talk about comedy genre. Let’s face it! We cannot think of weekends without CNWK anymore. And it is none other than Kapil Sharma, who along with his family keeps us glued to the channel. Here are five of Kapil’s most inimitable avtaars:


1) I’m a rock-star entry: We can’t agree more. His so-full-of-energy avatar charges up the viewers as well.


2)Star-struck: The appreciation of CNWK by celebrities always leaves him mesmerized.


3)Smile: Kapil’s wholehearted smile is surely something that we look forward to in every epsiode. Keep smiling Kapil!


4)Babaji Ka Thullu: The punch line that came into existence on the show itself is incomplete without its inventor’s gesture.


 5)Sharma ji sharmate hue: Oh so adorable! We are speechless! In all, we just love Kapil Sharma! 

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