Five reasons why Yogeshwari Mistry deserves to win IGT 6!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on June 25th, 2015 at 7:27 pm

Yogeshwari is an amazing gymnast who is brimming with success from a very young age! And why not? She has proven to be in the place where she is today. Having given back-to-back stunning performances she reached the finals.
Here are some more reasons why we feel the girls deserves to win the title of ‘India’s Got Talent -6’
1. Seamless aerial acts – Every time Yogeshwari stepped on stage she gave a flawless performance, never getting any negative review from any of the judges. This proves her potential to be a complete winner.
2.  Keep Calm and perform –This certainly was Yogeshwari's mantra as she ensured she kept progressing in the competition without any hiccup.
3.  Flexibility that will make you look at yourself, in wonder! – When one watches Yogeshwari doing her performance, one would forget batting eyelids. Her unexceptional flexibility makes her acts even more intriguing to watch! All we want to know is, what does she eat?!
4.  Dance as if nobody is watching – Psst! Wondering how Yogeshwari does all those difficult moves with such ease? Well, all she does is perform as if no one's watching! Now, you didn't hear this secret from us!
 5.  Amazing stage presence – Yogeshwari is gifted with this quality. She makes her presence felt every time she comes on stage, from the moment she begins till the end, her performances keeps the viewers well hooked on. Kuch toh baat hai!
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