Five reasons why love seems to be winning in 'Naagin'!

posted by Kinjal Sampat, last updated on December 16th, 2015 at 1:12 pm

Generally the word Naagin suggests revenge and hate. But Shivanya and Ritik are on a path of almost proving it wrong. Let’s have a look at why this story could turn out to be different:


Two powerful personalities-Ritik might be a big time business tycoon but Shivanya is no less. She is the THE NAAGIN! Though Ritik doesn’t know that till now, their match will be an exciting one.

Love at first sight- Ritik might be in control of his business but he definitely wasn’t able to control his heart when he first saw Shivanya. The best part is the chemistry that they share is a cute sweet friendship wala love which soon Ritik might turn into ishq wala love.
Mystic Love-This isn’t going to be an ordinary love story. A connection is being made between a human and a Naagin. What colors will this bring? Everyone is excited to know.
Opposites attract-Ritik is a charmer and an open personality, while Shivanya is a very humble and polite girl. Guess opposites do attract after all.

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