Five reasons that Priya was right about Kishwer being a bully

posted by Ruchi Acharya, last updated on November 26th, 2015 at 6:34 pm

There have been countless number of arguments that have occurred inside the Bigg Boss house and in most of them, we have witnessed Kishwer acting as the big bully along with her boyfriend Suyyash. Kishwer who is up front, opinionated and loud still stands strong inside the house even on week seven of the game. Here are some of the reasons why we think Kishwer fits the bill of a bigg bully inside the Bigg Boss house. 
Opinionated - As seen from the beginning Kishwer Merchantt is highly opinionated. It's just not us who feels that about her, even Salman was seen voicing the same opinion about her. Be it judging an inmate or being involved in a task, Kishwer’s opinions are always on a platter, ready to serve! 


Loud during her captaincy - Kishwer seems to have annoyed the other inmates inside the Bigg Boss house with her loud behaviour during both the times she was made the captain. Her ‘my way or highway’ attitude is definitely pissing off the other contestants and they have mentioned  it to her quite a few times on the show. She has always tackled situations with a hot-head which has resulted in the unfolding of her loud personality even more. 
Influences other people - While Kishwer is time and again in denial of the fact that she is influencing the decisions of other inmates like of Suyyash and Prince Narula; Kishwer being the mastermind of all their actions has often denied it. Some have called her Suyyash’s mother sarcastically.  Despite all of this , Kishwer always goes overboard while trying to put her her opinions on others. 
Bullying Digangana -  Digangana being the youngest in the house is always dragged by Kishwer to do some or the other household work. We have  heard alot from the evicted contestants that Kishwer and her gang makes Digangana do all their menial jobs. 
Kitchen queen -  The tag of the Kitchen queen was given to Yuvika this season but the whole control and decision making power of what is supposed to be cooked and who all will drink how much coffee is always decided by Kishwer. Many of the housemates have been even seen complaining how Kishwer has taken over the kitchen and she refuses to budge from her point of view. 





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