Five life lessons that Thapki teaches us

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Thapki, aka Jigyasa Singh is a simple yet a special girl. Her disability of a clear speech due to stammering may look like a setback to people who want to sympathize with her. But, those who want to see the brighter side of the world, can learn a few lessons about life if we look deep down her character and story.

Family is the strength :Thapki comes from a simple family and is supported by her family members in every walk of her life. She is neither neglected nor compared to her siblings because of her disability.




Love knows no weaknesses : Thapki's dream man, Dhuv, accepts Thapki in spite of everything. He overlooks the flaws and loves her for what she is. Lesson learnt here is true love is loving the other for their ‘’perfect imperfections.’’

Social Awareness: Thapki Pyaar Ki latently teaches us how to deal with individuals who have such physical odds. The actress, Jigyasa Singh herself feels that by playing such a character she is letting people know how to behave with individuals suffering from stammering. In an interview she told that stammering is linked to nervousness and tensions, however with love and care such problems can be cured.

Turning weakness into strength : Thapki is an ambitious girl, who never considers her stammering as a drawback. She is a wilful working woman and not a laid back individual immersed in sympathy and regrets. She believes even if her tounge works with pauses, life should not be with any pauses.


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Self Belief: Thapki teaches us to believe in ourselves and overcome all the negatvities that hinder life’s progress. The girl next door manages to overcome troubles in her life with a bold smile on her face and believes nothing can stop her from achieving her dreams.

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