Finally,Pritam punishes Puneet and Gautam!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 4th, 2014 at 4:00 pm

It wouldn’t be a news to you if I told you that Pritam chose Puneet and Gautam's name for the punishment. Two days back while at task the way they both pounced at Pritam brought a lot of hatred in Pritam’s heart, considering them his real rivals in the house. Already hurt and devastated by their actions, when Big Boss asked Pritam to name two of the housemates whom he genuinely wanted to punish, Pritam names the two. Not only because of personal agitation but in an attempt to disrupt the task that was happening smoothly.  

Finally, Big Boss accepted the two doshi in the eyes of the captain and announced that until the next orders given by Big Boss, Puneet and Gautam would do all the household chores while others won’t even help them. Puneet and Gautam didn’t even give a thought and came into action with immediate effect. Let’s see how successfully they complete the same.

Do you think they must have bitched about Pritam after this? What was the reaction of other housemates? Wait a second! Where is Praneet??


Catch everything in tonight’s episode!


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