Feathers ruffled between Dimpy and Gautam once again!

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The entire tale started when Gautam walked inside the bedroom when Sambhavna and Dimpy were having a conversation. As the two were still discussing, Dimpy commented on Gautam that the way he talks at times wasn’t always so cool to hear. Dimpy still seemed affected with the fight when Gautam had mentioned once that she should learn things from her father which had upset her. Although, Sambhavna had compared Dimpy to a hyna, Dimpy told gautam that she didn’t like him calling her by that name at times when she was around. She said that she doesn’t expect a guy like him to show such class when he speaks because that sounded cheap. Here,Gautam took it otherwise without understanding her point properly and thought that Dimpy was talking about his class. Dimpy immediately tried clarifying that she was telling him in a positive light because he was a good boy and his level was high. But Gautam misunderstood this and got upset! Gautam said that she was nobody to comment on level and class because Salman Khan once said that everyone had the same level in the house. Dimpy kept trying to show that whatever she was saying was in absolute positive light but Gautam was severely mistaking it! As she said “Gauatm meri kaafi unchi expectations hain aapse.” Dimpy also gave a clarification to Sana as to why she along with others called Gautam a champion during nominations and favored him. She mentioned that though they have had personal tiffs but Gautam was one amongst them who had survived and come so far.


But following that another misunderstanding developed when Gautam didn’t want to take anything that Dimpy had to say. He went on saying that “Main jab bhi tumse normal baatein karta hun toh tum level ki baatein kar deti ho, jo mujhe buri lag jaati hai.Tum sorry bhi nahi bolti ho aur baat karna shuru kar deti ho jo mujhe pasand nahi aata.” Listening to all of that Dimpy said that her style and approach was different and not necessarily she or others had to behave and act according to him all the time.This way the issue remained as it was between the two. Pheww!!


After Gautam left the room Sambhavna confessed to Dimpy saying there were certain things which she adored about Gautam but also there were some which she didn’t like and wanted to bring out in front of him even though when she promised to support him in the house. She said she really didn’t like everytime Gautam telling her during issues that “Aap apna dekho, mere maamle mein mat aao” Rude Gautam! Later I heard Sana, Sambhavna and Dimpy telling “Jo bahar se dikhta hai andar bilkul ulta hai”.




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