Farah takes Gauti's class? #WeekendKaHallaBol

posted by Admin, last updated on January 24th, 2015 at 4:45 pm

This week as we all know was full of masala, drama, tears and screams!! It looked like a typical Indian movie wherein you get extra dose of emotions,action,entertainment and not to forget romance! Ahem!

Farah is by now known to observe things to the minutest level and shockingly even she seemed taken aback. So this week the class was taken more precisely for Gautam, Sambhavna and Dimpy. No doubt the reactions we had from these housemates during the week just called for a strict class! 

Farah clearly said that Gautam over reacted during his last emotional outburst. She added saying no doubt whatever Ali said was wrong but Gautam's reaction during the entire tale was a bit too much. When questioned about the same, Gauti was modest enough to accept it.

 But it wasn't only Gauti's emotional outburst which was questioned, let's not forget the catfight Dimpy and Sambhavna had. Farah interrogated the whole matter asking them how could things become so ugly and that too so soon in a newly built relationship? I am sure the two ladies thought they were somewhere ready to face her but didn't really look like when they were questioned! And what about Upma? Were they spared? 

It was hilarious to see Farah having some fun with the cut outs of the contestants on stage, you have to watch the episode to see what she did with those!Also amongst the four nominated, it was shocking to see this housemate declared safe! No no, not giving out the name so easily!!

Catch the second last Weekend ka Halla-Bol tonight!


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