Farah Ki Dawat: 6 Foodie Confessions Of Sonu Sood And Boman Irani

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We insist you don't miss Farah Ki Dawat this Sunday for she will serve you good food, topped with great humour and dollops of hot looks. Farah is going to cook up some scrumptious food with her reel life love, Boman Irani and man who owns a hot bod, Sonu Sood! 

The two stars are coming with their better halves and we will leave you guessing what they cook up! Until then we bring you some unknown foodie facts about Boman and Sonu.



1.       Parathe wala Engineer – You won't believe if we tell you that the owner of these wonderful six packs and health freak, Sonu Sood makes yummiest ‘Parathaas', which he learnt during his engineering days in college. He could only make ‘Parathas’ very well.
2.       Boman has worked with Taj – Not many know but Boman worked with the famous Taj hotel, but there is a slight twist in the story. He worked in the reputed Hotel not as a manager or chef, but as a waiter! The man has truly come a long way, isn’t it?
3.       Sonu’s epic first date with wife – Sonu recalls that on his first date with his wife Sonali, the couple ate ‘Dahi Samosa’. Awww, how cute is that now!
4.       Sonu woos his wife with tea – Sonu doesn’t know to cook much hence manier times he makes chaai for his beloved wife! We are sure that must be enough for Sonali. *Winks*
5.       Wafer's played cupid in Boman's love story– Boman’s wife used to buy 100 gms of golden wafers everyday from Boman’s bakery shop where he worked for 12 years after he left his job in Taj. Eventually Boman noticed her genuine love and the rest is a history as we all know!
6.       Who is the Namak mirchi of Bollywood? – Boman jokingly confessed that Farah Khan is the ‘Namak Mirchi’ of the industry. And may we please know why he calls her that? Haha!
Yeh to bas shuruat hai! Episode of Farah Ki Dawat this Sunday at 9 pm, will leave you in splits! 







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