Family Reunions In The Bigg Boss House as the year ends! Synopsis, Day 101

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The luxury budget task Freeze-Release continues as a few more guests make an appearance to surprise rather, shock some of the housemates on the show. Daindra Soares makes a stunning entry through the store room and makes her way to the living room while all the housemates are commanded by Bigg Boss to freeze. As Diandra meets with her confidants from the Bigg Boss house, Karishma and Upen, she coveys her point of view to them which they gulp down with a pinch of salt. Her final rendezvous before she leaves the house was with her beloved Gautam, with whom she reconciled and poured out her heart to.

The second day of the task saw a few more surprise entries in the Bigg Boss house for brief moments, just enough to cause an emotional turmoil in the hearts of the housemates. The next guest to enter the house was the Gautam’s brother Mohit Gulati. Making his way through the main door, Mohit rushes to hug his overwhelmed brother.  Mohit walks up to each of them, trying to resolve the differences of the housemates with his brother.  After Mohit’s exit from the house, Karishma’s mother silently enters the house and walks up to a buoyant Karishma Tanna, who stares back at her mother in astonishment and reverence.

Making it a special evening for some of the housemates, Bigg Boss announces the special New Year’s party inside the house.  All the housemates were bewildered to know the party would be open to only limited guests, as the girls in the house Sonali, Karisma and Dimpy will choose their dates to accompany for the party while the other’s will be locked inside the house. All the housemates are looking forward to start the new years with a bang, as the men in the house begin to woo the girls, hoping to escort them to the party and the enjoy the privileges of the party privy to only a few.

Who will attend the New Year’s Bash? And how will the housemates begin their new year inside the Bigg Boss house?

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