Exposed! All troubles to end for Devyani? #ShastriSisters

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on March 30th, 2015 at 4:57 pm

Last week we saw Devyani go through endless trials trying to prove herself innocent in front of the family. When she needed Neel to support her the most, he left her side and that left a huge scar in Devyani's heart. But thankfully she had her sisters and all four sisters united to fight against someone who was conspiring against the Shastri family.

Tonight’s episode gets truly exciting for the fans as they heave a huge sigh of relief! Finally the sisters have caught the culprit who has been blackmailing Devyani. Do not miss the episode to find out the real face behind this master plan!

But in other news, Neel goes missing from the house which bothers the entire family. Minty once again blames Anu for Neel's disappearance but thankfully the family handles Minty, and Mr. Sareen and Rajat go in search for Neel.

But where has Neel gone? Will his family be able to find him? And how will he confront Devyani now that the mystery has been solved?

Do not miss this drama-packed episode of Shastri Sisters tonight at 7 pm, only on COLORS!

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