Exclusive: Salman Yusuf Khan & Teriya Magar's Performances Will Leave Your Jaws Dropped On JDJ 9!

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This Saturday we will watch one the most amazing performances by the contestants on JDJ 9! To make you a little curious, Salman Khan and Teriya’s performances earn lot of accolades by the judges!




It’s a ‘Costume Drama’ theme and to let you know both the contestants perform amazingly!  Salman and Aishwarya choose the characters of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Salman’s character – Fawn, is inspired from the Chronicles Of Narnia wheareas  Aishwarya performs blind folded. Karan even mentions that Salman’s costume made him look androgynous and called it a ‘Kadak’ performance! Salman is also called the tragedy Hero of Jhalak, because most of his acts have a sad ending.




Whereas Teriya’s dance form this weekend will be – Locking and Popping! After the performance the judges showered her with praises, in fact Jacqueline even called it a performance of International standards, wow! Karan Johar and Farah Khan loved the performance too! Farah found use of mirrors innovative.




So, you think you can afford missing on this super fantastic episode of JDJ 9?

Do watch JDJ 9 this Saturday at 10 PM!

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