Exclusive: Meet the finalists of India's Got Talent 6!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on June 24th, 2015 at 7:35 pm

Wow! Finally IGT reaches the finals, and we bring you the top finalists of the season. Trust us it wasn’t easy even for the judges to decide. However, with thorough dedication and hardwork, the  6 ultimately conquered a spot in the final round.


Let’s get to know them a little better -

1. X1X Junior Group – What to say about this group? They're loaded with so much of energy! The aggressiveness they display during their performances has helped them become a winner in every round. They don’t come just with thorough practice but carry all the attributes a stage performer should have. Koi shaq in having them in finals? 
2. Yogeshwari Mistry –   One word that truly describes Yogeshwari is ‘performer’. And she has maintained this ever since her she gave the first audition on IGT stage. Yogeshwari has always come across as an effortless performer who is just too perfect in all her moves. Watch this!
3. Prahlad Acharya – The best thing about Prahlad Acharya is his unconventional smile that he always wears. This man can create magic with just two fists, impressive! Prahlad is a unique example of what talent means on a stage like India’s Got Talent.
4. Manik Paul – All the words used to describe him would be less. For whatever Manik does in his aerial acts is with all his heart and might. He clearly is in love with the art he creates and has secured a spot in to the finals.
5.  Beat Breakers – Undefeated and undeterred in their spirits, Beat Breakers came back in season 6 to try their luck again. Undoubtedly a group of excellent performers, the group made it to the finals this season after belting out another spectacular act and winning the judges' hearts all over again!
6. Harmanpreet Kaur and Parry G – Who could ever imagine a melodious voice could blend so well with hard-hitting rap? Judges loved the idea, they somewhere saw a spark in the singing duo of Harmanpreet and Parry G and encouraged them to collaborate. And today the duo is in the finals, do we need to even mention how well they have done together?
By now you must have certainly chosen your favorite. Tell us more about your favorites in the comment box below!






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