Ex-Captains choose the next Captain!

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I will tell you what happened exactly before the current captaincy task. Puneet chose the two names whom he wanted to punish, and they were Diandra and Praneet. The former’s name was chosen on grounds of maximum no. of times speaking in English while latter’s for sleeping the maximum. The two were asked to become a dhobi for a day and clean a mamoth pile of clothes sent by Big Boss. Praneet, who had already served punishment ftook it up as a fun task, while Diandra tried giving her best at it. In fact, the two had each other’s company so it became more of a fun as they got inside the buckets and stamped on the clothes. 


Next was the Captaincy task. Basically the five members who had already severd as a captain in the past were to choose the next captain from the remaining housemates, who had never had a chance at captaincy. The task comprised all the ex-captains coming individually and turning over the filled bottle for that one contestant whom they did not want to compete in the race. 


I saw Gautam turning over Karishma’s bottle, Puneet doing it for Pritam’s bottle giving reasons that he was already immune for next week and was being fair to other contestants, who were equally well deserving. The climax was to see Ali as the last one chosing the winner!

Who won that? Who in Ali’s eyes stands as a friend?


Watch the Captaincy task tonight @ 9 pm!


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