Epic list of characters going good to bad in Sasural Simar Ka

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Over the years in Sasural Simar Ka you have witnessed it all from surprise to suspense, from thrilling family drama to undying love, from your favorite characters turning negative from positive. Not to forget the leaps which very integral part of every story plot.

Let’s take a look at those characters who surprised everyone by turning negative from positive but still managed to win hearts.

1.) Siddhant Bhardwaj aka Aryan:

aryan sid

Siddhant actually holds the good boy image and is much loved for the same but he shocked the viewers, as he turned from good to bad and put life of Bhardwaj Family in deep trouble as Aryan the killing machine. 

2.) Manoranjan:


Now, this was totally unexpected for all the viewers as Manoranjan was someone who would always be alongside Mataji and was a respected member of the Bhardwaj family. But, as the suspense unfolded in the story we got to know that Rajbeer, who had been making Bhardwaj family’s life hell, was Manoranjan’s very own son!  Manoranjan is the new vamp in the house who has gone bad from good and has threatened the Bharadwaj family to be prepared for a very bad time.

3.) Vikrant:  

New Image2

Vikrant entered the show as Simar’s savior. Just like a Knight in shining armour, who not only saved her life post accident, but also gave her a reputed job in Hongkong. But, as the story progressed, the good boy turned bad as he fell in love with Simar and rest of the story is history.

4.) Meghna Singhania:  


Meghna, who took the back seat and let Shaurya do all the bad work came out as a surprise when viewers got to know that she was the mastermind behind all the evil planning and plotting.

5.) Jhanvi Arora:


Jhanvi was an innocent girl who lived with a man even when he tortured her and used her to take revenge with her. But the poor destitute turned into a real; vamp when she came back to the Bharadwaj house seeking revenge and kidnapped Roli. 

6.) Baa:


This usually is unseen on television where an elderly character suddenly transforms from good to bad. But, for the Bhardwaj family, it came at a time when Baa’s real face was revealed and we got to know that she was the main culprit behind Sunaina’s murder.

7.) Khushi:


Finally, the most negative character award goes to Khushi! *Drumrolls* Well she is not as cunning as dumb, but we saw how she oscillated between ‘good-turned-bad-turned-good again’ only to turn bad yet again! Phew! From planning evil to plotting death and extorting property, Khushi has been there and done that all.

So, this was the epic list of characters going good to bad in your favourite show Sasural Simar Ka. Which character that has gone bad from good but still remains your favorite? Reply in the comments below.

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