Doosra Tabaadla turns the game: Synopsis, Day 9

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The temperature inside the Bigg Boss house has been flaring up with rehashed emotions and new found affections. Both the teams are leaving no stone unturned to exercise their control  over the house.  However in tonight’s telecast the competition takes a back seat as the dysfunctional love and hate relationships take over showcasing their drama instead.

While Karishma and Upen’s proximity has become the most talked about topic since Upen’s re-entry  , Rahul and Dimpy’s emotional equation will also come alive in tonight’s episode.  Dimpy is seen breaking down after witnessing the intense call between Karishma and Rahul.. She runs  and hugs Rahul as tears roll down her eyes. Shedding tears An emotional outburst of Dimpy mixed with embarrassment and guilt  affects the other housemates also terribly. . Rahul assures Dimpy that he knows what he is doing and that nobody in this lifetime can say or do anything that can turn his life around.

Dimpy is very upset with Karishma for making the luxury budget task, ‘Bigg Boss Ka Call Centre’ her platform to justify herself and seek clarification from Rahul. Karishma continues to showcase her outburst on Rahul in front of Upen with pride. Gautam, Mahek, Sambhavna, and Sana support Rahul and state that Karishma crossed a line by using a task for her personal satisfaction.

As day 116 prevails, Challengers and Champions gear up for yet another Judgment Day of Bigg Boss Halla Bol. Bigg Boss asks Captain Karishma to announce the winning team of the luxury budget task. Karishma declares ‘The Challengers’ as the winners for their patience and perseverance during the intense telephone calls they came across in the task. While on one hand the housemates seem satisfied with Karishma’s decision, on the other hand the Doosra Tabaadla of Bigg Boss Halla Bol brings in a lot of drama. 

The ace challengers of the house struggle to come to a conclusion as to whom they find the best performing contestant of the task. Karishma finds herself in the midst of yet another critical decision of announcing the worst performing contestant among the Champions. What will be the ultimate conclusion during the Tabaadla and who will swap places with whom to start a line of new challenges? Will captain Karishma be able to satisfy the housemates or will she fall flat on the ground?

While the drama unfolds tonight on the Judgment Day, the one thing that remains constant is Karishma and Upen’s growing fondness for each other.. Even while some think it is a game plan Karishma and Upen still seem to be aloof and are living in their own sweet bubble full of affection.

How far will this Karishma and Upen story reach   and what will happen during the Doosra Tabaadla? To know it all, keep watching Bigg Boss Halla Bol, every day at 9PM, only on COLORS.

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