Do you want to know who is Dimpy's new target? Read it now!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 1st, 2015 at 4:56 pm

After her poking incident with Pritam, Dimpy seems to be on fighting spree! Last we saw her argue with Gautam because the latter asked her to learn some manners while talking since she’s a lawyer’s daughter. Dimpy felt bad he used her father’s name in the argument and it turned into a verbal brawl with no conclusion.

And if that fight wasn’t enough Dimpy has now picked up an argument with Puneet. In a task given by Bigg Boss to decide resolutions for one another, Dimpy is paired with Puneet and suggests him to not judge people by their actions but judge the intention of the person. Puneet, in return, suggests her to stop fighting over frivolous matters and blow up everything out of proportion.

But this task causes a huge debate between Puneet and Dimpy as the latter doesn’t let the matter go so easily. Heated argument takes place between the two in which Dimpy feels Puneet is blaming her for being inhuman. Gosh, how much can this girl fight?!
But do you agree with Puneet’s suggestion for Dimpy’s new year resolution? At least I have decided my new year resolution for 2015 and that is to give you guys more khabar!

Happy new year everyone!



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