Divya Threatens Tanuja On 'Kasam'

posted by Tuhin Mitra, last updated on May 29th, 2017 at 5:14 pm

It’s been a rough ride for Tanuja lately with everyone blaming her for causing a rift in the Bedi family. Divya’s continued scheming is turning everyone against Tanuja, including her most beloved, Rishi. Previously, we saw how Yuvi yelled at Tanuja and blamed her for what happened between him and Divya. The hardest part for her was figuring out how would she explain what was happening to Rishi. Blamed for ruining Yuvi-Divya’s relationship and Rano threatening to kick her out of the house, it seems like Tanuja has all the odds stacked against her.



Despite having enough evidence against Divya, she turned the tables on Tanuja and made her look like the bad person. Divya threatened Tanuja and told her that she will hurt her family. She told Tanuja that she too, once loved the family like her own but everyone treated her and Yuvi badly and she was going to make the Bedi family pay and bring them on the streets in 7 days time. Tanuja vowed that she would not let anything happen to them.



In the coming episodes, we will see how Purab and Malaika continue to figure out different ways to kill Tanuja with the help of Divya. Malaika threatens to kill Purab and Divya if they can’t get Tanuja killed. Rano takes extreme steps to ensure Rishi stays as far away from Tanuja as possible. Tanuja also saves Smiley from certain danger. All of this and more as things get even more interesting!



Will Tanuja be able to expose Divya? How is she going to win everyone’s trust again?



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