Divya Continues Brainwashing Everyone Against Tanuja On 'Kasam'

posted by Tuhin Mitra, last updated on June 5th, 2017 at 5:03 pm

Divya has been causing a lot of turmoil in the Bedi house and turning everyone against Tanuja with her continued scheming! Previously on the show, she pretended to be nice to Tanuja and forgive her in front of everyone which made them think that Divya was being the higher person. She then planned to kill Tanuja by sabotaging the gas pipe in the kitchen.



Fortunately, Tanuja evaded danger yet again and also saved Smiley’s life. Malaika told Divya not to hurt Tanuja physically but emotionally. Divya brainwashed Rano again by making up a lie about Rishi & Tanuja which made Rano even more furious. Rano confronted Tanuja and asked her why she married Rishi and told her to admit that she only married Rishi for her own selfish motives.



Tanuja said that she only married Rishi because of his property and that she does not love him. Rishi overheard the conversation and was heartbroken. Before they could finish their conversation, Rishi left thinking Tanuja didn’t love him. Tanuja went on to tell Rano that she can believe whatever she wants but the truth is that she loves Rishi with all her heart.



Rano kept hurling abuses at Tanuja and told her that she will not let Tanuja take Rishi away. In the coming episodes, Netra will be seen confronting Rishi about his feelings. Rishi asks Tanuja to prove her love for him by doing something. Malaika intervenes and tries to keep Tanuja away from Rishi. Tanuja sees Netra & Rishi together which makes her really upset. Tanuja makes a drastic decision which leaves Rishi shocked.



Will Divya succeed in her plan? How are things going to end for Rishi & Tanuja?



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