Dimpy was the topic for gossip?

posted by Admin, last updated on January 24th, 2015 at 2:32 pm

Yesterday was a heavy day for everyone in the house as all I could hear was fights, fights and more fights! The severest of all was the fight between Sambhavna and Dimpy, wherein the two went overboard. Dimpy ran upto Rahul, when she found nobody to pacify her. This morning, Upen, Karishma and Sambhavna were seen discussing the same and the trio condemnd Dimpy’s fickle attitude wherein she seeked support from the same man about whom she didn’t want to talk about earlier.

They were heard telling that the people who had no feelings left for each other were now making pretensious acts showing how much they care for one another How fake! Sambhavna was heard telling that whatever she wanted to put across regarding Dimpy was all correct and she could prove the same in time hence she feared nobody, but Dimpy acted so shallow during the task, being vengeful, just because a day prior she wasn’t saved by her.

Sambhavna said that she regretted the decision to believe in her and expressed how hurt she equally was the way Dimpy left no stone unturned to let her down and show her real face. Karishma and Upen seemed to be favoring Sambhavna that very moment, but not to forget they are good friends with Dimpy too!

Whom did they actually support? Were they honest enough to distinguish right from wrong? Well, I am too confused about it.

I hope teacher Farah Khan address this in today’s class.


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