Dimpy miffed with Gautam!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 31st, 2014 at 5:19 pm

When Dimpy entered the house as a wild card, she approached P3G with a friendly feeling! Especially she got along with Gautam the most at that point in time when he was going through his lows in the house. She took genuine stand for him when there was no one around Gautam. But off late it looks like things are going worse between the two. Gautam has been complaining her that she is too involved into back biting all the time and that she doesn’t talk normally otherwise and this was too annoying not just for him but others in the house too. He stated saying that’s one big reason why she hasn’t been able to make friends in the house and keeps wandering here and there! So this morning as they talked, Gautam was quite vocal about what he feels for her he said why he doesn’t like talking to her and that’s because there was no politeness in her tone and also she was up with a very wrong outlook and understanding about him.He clearly said he doesn’t want people with such behavior and that’s why he was going away from her.

While arguing Gautam made a comment saying she should learn from her father,who is such a big Lawyer and try to seek things from him! This took Dimpy in altogether different tangent,she said why was he being personal by mentioning about her father,Gautam a little surprised said he was actually trying to appreciate him and not being otherwise. This got again worse as Dimpy quoted saying “So you think I am no good at all when you compare me to my father?”.Dimpy actually created an issue out of the entire story when she started crying! Other housemates came to pacify her but she said she wouldn’t tolerate; if things in this house come to her in such manner! You think the issue will be resolved?

Watch the fight in tonight’s episode!


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