Dimpy: Kabhi Hero, Kabhi Villain

posted by Admin, last updated on December 20th, 2014 at 3:32 pm

In mates have had too much of Dimpy and her whining. Apparently, the lady has the habit to get into the same loop. If an incident happens around her, she would give repeated explanation on the same justifying and proving herself ‘Mann ki Sacchi’ and why she was right and the other person wrong and so on, until the point where the other person starts feeling dead bored. *Yawn*  Her most over used line “Magar tum suno na” caught hold of Gautam and Karishma and the both went,“Chup ho jaa meri maa!” in their head!  *Hahahaha* Now, that was in reference to the recent fight between her and Pritam when people got bored listening to same story.


Thankfully, in sometime there was a diversion of topic and what I heard from Dimpy impressed me. She said that she had always been a sincere and a responsible girl. Ever since the age of 12 she started receiving scholarships as she excelled in academics. And by the age of 16 she was already earning! Wow! Now, that was an amazing thing to know about her. She said ever since then she has been taking care of her family especially her siblings, whom she supports in every way possible. Dimps I am sure the girls reading this out would be really proud of you.


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