Dimpy is all set to de-throne Karishma!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 8th, 2014 at 2:16 pm

Have you all forgotten about Dimpy’s strong desire to become the House captain? We have seen how she never leaves an opportunity to win either immunity or the captaincy task, but some way or the other misses the boat. Looks like Bigg Boss has been noticing this and therefore, in the rarest of rare occasions, he called Dimpy inside the confession room. While it all began with generally asking her about how she was doing, what people feel about her and how is she managing inside the house, she had no clue till then that she was one of those rare people, who had got a golden opportunity in the house.



Just then Big Boss told her that if she feels she isn’t too happy with Karishma being the captain then she could do something, which could replace Karishma from the Captain's throne and take over. Now that was completely amusing for Dimpy. I could see the ray of hope on her face with the twinkle in her eyes. She was asked to convince five people whom she could sway from their decision of choosing Karishma as a captain and also convince them indirectly that if given an opportunity she could prove to be a much better one.


Big Boss! Looks like you have strong conviction on Dimpy’s capabilities and end up giving her such tasks. It’s a secret task for Dimps, so let’s see how she manages to convince five people.


Wait ‘n’ Watch tonight's episode @ 9pm! 


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