Dimpy feels she is being targetted by all

posted by Admin, last updated on January 7th, 2015 at 11:08 am

Just a day back, I saw Dimpy actually complaining about herself. She had a realization that she was crying quite often in the house after being influenced by whatever people said. But, she also said that she couldn’t help the fact because she was being targeted by all, especially the new ones who have just entered the house. As she wept in front of Karishma this morning she said that she was too ashamed of breaking down so easily but she could clearly see that people were  making a big deal of anything and everything said by her. Karishma consoled her assured to be  always there for her to give shoulder even if others didn’t, and if she felt like crying she could always do it in front of her and share her feelings. Apparently, last night Rahul told something to Dimpy which she didn’t like and felt hurt. Although Rahul shows that he supports Dimpy but whnever she isn’t around he is all up with constant bickering about Dimpy!  Dimpy is smart enough to sense it all will she give an answer to Rahul? Will Rahul be guilty if he made statements about her and Dimpy gets to know about the same?


Will the Bigg Boss house create new bonds of friendship between the two or no?


Catch the story in tonight’s episode!


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