Dimpy discusses female bonding post Press Conference

posted by Admin, last updated on December 22nd, 2014 at 5:02 pm

Ever since the Press conference happened, one question has been actually bothering Dimpy.Well, the question was – Why the girls in the house never seemed united among st themselves till date on contrary the boys who formed a strong group stood for each other? Dimpy was found discussing the same with Sonali and Karishma asking if they ever realize how true that this was? Both Karishma and Sonali said a yes that this thing went un-noticed till date and if that journalist wouldn’t have pointed out they wouldn’t ever know! Basically, was an like an eye opener for the trio.


This also might be one of the reasons why majority of girls left the house? Possible that they didn’t get anybody’s support apparently. Anyway, Dimpy is hanging out with Karishma and Upen these days and is constantly bickering about rest of the housemates. But what about Sonali? The trio’s dislike for Sonali would further be the cause for the female bonding going weak, me thinks! 


The relations in the house have changed people's behaviour dramatically. Now the house has become quite unpredictable!



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