Dimpy and Sambhavna getting along finally?

posted by Admin, last updated on January 15th, 2015 at 2:52 pm

So, my predictions went wrong that these two ladies would remain to be the dushmans for the rest of the tenure in the house.Things are cooling down between Sambhavna and Dimpy, also I can see equal efforts being taken by the two to repair the wreckage in their relation.


The whole day I saw Sambhavna and Dimpy sticking around each other to discuss something or the other going on in the house.But later in the evening, Dimpy had some advice to give to Sambhavna. She adviced her on her loud nature. Dimpy felt that Sambhavna had a compassionate heart and in real she was very loving, but yes when it came to maintaining relations as friends or foes, she was pretty good at that too! What? I can’t believe what I heard? And that too just in a day! Such a drastic flip in your views towards Sambhavna? Wow! Dimpy told her that it was fine to maintain animosity but she ought to play it smart. Basically, in such a way that her personality didn’t reflect negative in front of others. Ohho! You’ve used the same tactics it seems Dimps. She added saying “Make sure your compassionate nature doesn’t get overshadowed in the game, don’t be the source of somebody’s entertainment at the cost of somebody else” Aha! I have made a note of that too Dimpy.


Sambhavna also asked Dimpy about Puneet’s stay and real behavior. Dimpy’s judgement said that Punzz was very apt for the Bigg Boss house, as he kept a close watch on each and everything that went inside. But even he got carried away.


Will this be a new foundation of friendship?


That we got to wait and watch!


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