Dimpy and Sambhavna await Farah Khan curiously,but why??

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Love is brewing between the the new love birds of the house but there is something else, which is cooking up too that Karishma and Upen are completely unaware of.


Dimpy, Sambhavna, Sana and Rahul were chilling near the pool side when they looked at Upen and Karishma lost in each other. Dimpy said that she wouldn't ever forget Rahul's insult by KT which she did only because she found Upen back otherwise she didn't mind Rahul's attention. Hmmm. Dimpy said that the whole season Karishma told stories about her boyfriend and how committed she was but wasn't she ashamed of doing things what she was doing then? Which meant the love angle that was quite evident in front of everyone! Wasn't that wrong in her eyes? Wouldn't that question her about the character? Dimpy, who hasn't forgotten the incident said Karishma did all this just because she had Upen by her side and she was assured she wouldn't do that if he wasn't around.


Dimpy wanted to bring out the topic in front of Farah Khan and then she would want an answer from Karishma! Until then, she didn't want to comment. But to have patience! Sambhavna in her support added that Dimpy should be doing that in front of Farah or even if she forgot the latter herself would ensure she brings it out in open!


Seems like it would be Karishma's class this weekend.I just want to give her best wishes!!


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