Dimpy and Sambhavna are turning into best friends!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 16th, 2015 at 3:46 pm

I couldn’t believe what my eyes were watching! Sambhavna and Dimpy clinging onto each other almost most of the times. I mean that looked strange and good too as the two ladies have recuperated their relation over just few days. Off late they both took equal efforts to reach out to each other and clarify all the confusions and misunderstandings.And they just can’t get enough of each other now.Wow! Aissa bhi hota hai!

And their favorite pastime was nothing but to gossip around.Well,Dimpy anyways just does that *Ehehehe* but this time Sambhavna was equally enjoying the chit-chat that included the conversation about Karishma and Upen’s growing bonds as the two expressed surprise how Karishma was easily going ahead with the flow. But Sambhavna, I remember you were supporting Upen in fact encouraging him this morning to go ahead and be honest with the relation then why double standards? Oh! You want to be good either way? Then that’s fine until its not harming anyone. Dimpy clearly stated that Karishma had since beginning told about how committed she was with her beau and would marry him soon as she came out. But what will happen now? If nobody else these two ladies are definitely worried *Lol*


Sambhavna and Dimpy took turns to bitch about Mahek and Sana too.Are they cooking up something to gain popularity?


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