Dimpy and Gautam are not happy with the new captain?

posted by Anup Kadam, last updated on December 5th, 2014 at 12:00 pm

Dimpy and Gautam in a daily life conversation (well almost), shared how they didn’t feel very happy with the new captain, Karishma. Dimpy’s position was understandable as she had a huge fight with Karishma, wherein both spoke ill about each other. But Gautam, who doesn’t have any hard feelings for Karishma though, still feels that she has not been a kind of a friend whom he can admire.They both sensed that housemates always worry about KT's happiness and her choices manier times, and why was that? Gautam favoring Karishma during the task reasoned Dimpy saying, he did so as he felt that everyone should get a fair chance in the game. And that he didn’t want an unnecessary scenario where future could hold grudgea between the people inside the house for those five weeks that are left to stay on!

Puneet joined the conversation later and said that Pritam had started behaving weird. Like when he tried convincing people around to select him as the captain once again he mentioned something like, to prove his point he could even fall on else’s feet in case if he goes wrong. Puneet said that wasn't required and nobody would like him doing that but that he approaches people as per his convenience and needs, which is wrong.

Earlier, it was Gautam, then Ali and now looks like Pritam would have to give an Agnipariksha to prove his humility and integrity??

Let’s see what happens!


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