Dimpy and Ali personify Tom and Jerry!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 26th, 2015 at 2:56 pm

We have seen how badly and madly Ali and Dimpy have fought for the whole season. They  shared a strange love and hate relationship. Be it accusing one another on different occasions or being there for each other when nobody else gave them any importance, they have always had each other. So, this week, after Rahul left, Dimpy was seen crying bitterly and then, nobody else but Ali came to console her. He assured her by saying that he was told by Rahul to take care of her. Now isn’t that sweet? Ali has been around Dimpy eversince. In fact, others in the house even pointed out saying how the duo that was fighting like cats and dogs just a day back were now maintaining the friendship as if nothing happened at all.


Later during the day, Gautam also mentioned to Dimpy, who was still missing Rahul, that the two looked good together and that they should think about getting back to each other. Dimpy was seen lost in thoughts after having the conversation with Gautam.Was she really thinking on those grounds?


Getting back to Ali-Dimpy love and hate story, Dimpy was heard telling that hers and Ali’s relation is just like the famous cartoon ‘Tom and Jerry’ wherein she considers Ali to be Tom and she feels like Jerry! She said that the way the two fight and get back in a very entertaining way was just what she and Ali were. Aha! Super cool! This gives me an intuition that they might also stay friends after the show gets over.


Let’s hope nothing ends on an uglier note!


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