Did You Know? Chanakya's Lessons Were A Moral Booster For Ashoka

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Ashoka’s qualities might not be known to his father Bindusara but the great philosophical man Chanakya seems to know Ashoka in and out. Chanakya has been of great help to Ashoka in many ways  on various occasions. Most importantly, Chankaya has controlled Ashoka while he was furious and has given him the right advice at the right time.  Let us give you some examples.

Gyaan No.1 – Intelligent Men Control Their Anger:



As the saying goes ‘A man cannot change the past but he surely can influence his future’. Chanakya has always given some sane advice to Ashoka, especially when his young blood boils in rage and has stopped him from taking a wrong step. But Sushim doesn't have such wise guidance and hence when the time came for him to be crowned the next King, Chanakya used his intelligence and proved Sushim's incapacity to be the King. This turned out to be a huge lesson for young Ashoka, learning from great Chanakya.

Gyaan No.2 – Abide By The Rules:



Chanakya always told Ashoka never to break rules while in the competition even when Sushim was doing everything that was against the rules of the competition. Chanakya’s gyaan has been helpful to Ashoka as he played a fair game to finish the race and even after numerous attempts by Sushi who played unfair to stop Ashoka could not stop him.

Gyaan No.3 – Determination And Hardwork Is The Key To Success:



Whenever needed Chanakya has always been there to motivate Ashoka to make him learn the hard way of living his life. As a result Ashoka’s determination to learn, practice and prepare himself for the race has just been inspirational.

Tell us which gyaan or lesson from Chanakya motivates you to live a better life in the comments below! 

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