Did Karishma become the vamp again post the phone call to Rahul?

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Finally the Luxury budget task got over, but that end was the beginning of something, which didn’t look so happening. Dimpy was actually feeling bad for Rahul with the way Karishma spoke to him. I saw her crying secretly. But what happened next will blow your mind!


Sambhavna, who considers Rahul to be a very good friend, went upto Dimpy trying to lend all her support to her self confessed nemesis. It was nice to see the two women at least thinking alike at one point after they expressed dislike for each other. Dimpy said that everything was fine uptil a  certain point, but she wouldn’t refrain from speaking something she felt was wrong. She said she tried to prompt KT in between her call asking her to keep it limited to the task and not make it too intense, but Karishma didn’t pay heed it seems. She said, although Karishma was her good friend, she would confront her for things that she thinks are wrong.


Gautam was also condemning her act, which wasn’t new to him. As these talks were doing the rounds in the house,Upen and Karishma were busy holding each other’s hands teasing and playing with each other. Rahul tried to calm others down asking them to take it as a pinch of salt but didn’t look like people wouldn’t speak. Especially, Sambhavna and Dimpy, who looked extremely disheartened, also warned Rahul not to repeat the stupidity again. Rahul in his defense only said that he was never serious whenever he said all that to Karishma. In fact, this was his nature. But still if Karishma was up with unnecessary issues, he couldn’t help but only apologize.


Will this matter settle down? Could you notice Dimpy’s flip in behavior by suddenly favoring Rahul? This game is becoming intense by the minute!



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