Diandra in the house! What will Gautam do?

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As we all know that Diandra had re-entered the house yesterday just a few moments after Puneet’s wife left the house. But what you don't know is that she was made to enter as a part of freeze and release task. Diandra looked extremely radiant for all the happiness she carried along that she couldn’t control but giggled throughout just like a small child. She went ahead and started getting fidgety with the gas stove, teaching Ajaz how it should be used! She went upto Karishma, who was frozen along with all the other housemates and told her that she had watched many episodes was shocked to know some internal secrets about KT, which she hadn’t revealed to Di while she was still inside the house! She actually told KT that with her acts she was actually coming across as a vamp, and a selfish female! Karishma just had a stoned face and was unable to react. Hugging Upen, she said he had always been good but last week’s behavior now formed a different image of him as a ‘Psychotic person’, yes somebody else replaced Gautam! She advised Upen and said, “Tum jaise ho waise raho,don’t change”.


Walking towards Gautam, she got so overwhelmed thay she actually went speechless. She didn’t know where to start from. She carried two letters in hand that she kept in her and Gautam’s favourite corner of the house and asked him to read them after she had left. She went on saying, “I really miss you. Your denial hurt me to the core. But I was glad when you gathered courage to speak the truth infront of media during the press conference.I genuinely like you and whatever moments have shared was something I truly believed in it.” Gautam laughingly commented “Main kuch derr ke liye Emran Hashmi zone mein chala gaya tha.” Diandra further added, “I truly want you to win. I don’t want to mislead you but Puneet comes across to be strongly opinionated aur tum ussme fans rahe ho. Being close to you was never my game.” Before leaving, Diandra also warned every housemate that her name shouldn’t be dragged otherwise in matters that were only related to her and Gautam, that being none of their business!

After a very long time, Gautam felt at ease for all the pressure he was carrying and the different answers that he was asked to give every now and then. He actually felt this was required and took a sigh of relief!

Diandra kept telling she didn’t want to leave the house!


Catch Diandra shocking everyone in tonight’s episode!


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