Diandra and Gautam's Buddy talk!

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Didn’t know Gautam is so good at back biting. Especially, the way I saw him talking about Sonali gave me a complete shock. Ever since he has become friends with Diandra, Gautam seems more open in sharing what he feels for each housemate genuinely. Apparently he is even trying to hide that he shared some special bonds with some special ones in the house. He sarcastically pointed out telling how every contestant in the house has lost oodles of weight due to improper food and nutrition except Sonali. I tried to read between the lines, so, basically he meant to say that everyone works and since Sonali is the laziest person in the house; she has still remained the same in physique. But guess what? Diandra did not completely agree to Gautam. Talking in favor of Sonali who wasn’t around Di’ said she has improved a lot than before. From nothing to something, and this should definitely be appreciated.To which Gauti nodded. My goodness!! a woman praising another in her absence... quite amazing eh?

These long lost buddies have lot in common. When Gautam said he is fond of pets Diandra immediately mentioned how badly she is missing her pet dog! Awww..Well that she has often said off and on infront of the camera.She even said she can sense how much her pet is missing her too!


Hey! to this I remember they had ‘Heaven’ in the last season. Will Big Boss send him inside once again knowing there are so many animal lovers??


Let me find that out!


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