Diandra and Dimpy develop a bond over bitching sessions!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 3rd, 2014 at 1:00 pm

These two lady guards looked tremendously upset over whatever happened last night. They took out all the feelings against Pritam, who according to them supported the thieves and about Tanna too. So, basically Di shared how she is carrying a heavy heart for past few days for whatever accusations Karishma has put on her. They both even added Puneet being somewhere right in telling “Karishma ko bhagwan ne dimaag hi nahi diya,” Dimpy said the safety guards had been playing their game with full honesty and dedication but whatever they were getting in return wasn’t fair at all. Dimpy explained about how Karishma fought over the showpiece which actually she had broken, but she straightaway denied.

In whispers Diandra also expressed how she is open about whatever equation she shares with Gautam, knowing that how people interpret things inside the house. She said she is mature enough to keep a mind on her own moves.


I don’t know how but Sonali always become the ‘Talk of the house’. especially when she doesn’t involve herself into gossips. Dimpy and Diandra discussed people keep calling Sonali ‘A kid’ being the youngest in house, which is a wrong understanding. All they meant to say was that Sonali is way too smart in the house, sometimes even smarter than some of the elder ones when in comes to plotting game against them.


I think after this I will have to keep a close watch on Sonali’s strategies!


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