Dharma to break Ashoka Samrat's impending marriage with Kaurwaki?

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Bindusara is extremely happy that his son, Ashoka, has returned victorious from Ujjaini. He announces that Ashoka will become the Head of Ujjaini while Siyamak will look after Takshashila. 












As part of his plan to expose Sushim and Charumitra, he also announces that Sushim will become the Crowned Prince of Magadh. 








He reminds everyone about the impending marriage ceremonies and that everyone should now focus on the pre- wedding preparations and rituals.

On the other hand, Kaurwaki’s father Jagannath is amused about Bindusara’s announcements. Bindusara has already agreed to give away the Royal Throne of Magadha to him after Ashoka’s marriage to Kaurwaki. 






Both Ashoka and Kaurwaki are unaware of this deal. However, Dharma knows that if this marriage takes place and as decided, the Royal Throne of Magadha is handed over to Jagannatha, then Ashoka would never be able to forgive himself. She is also worried as a learned Sage has predicted that if Ashoka ties the knot with Kaurwaki then it will lead to a catastrophic war which will cause much damage.






Dharma is now torn between her duty towards her Motherland and her love towards her son Ashoka. She tries to tell the truth to Ashoka but is unable to muster the courage. She hopes that Ashoka and Kaurwaki’s wedding gets called off so that the disastrous war does not take place. 









Will Dharma be able to call off this wedding? Will she get Ashoka married to Devi? Or will Ashoka Samrat and Kaurwaki get married as decided? Stay tuned to Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Mon- Fri, 9.00 PM!






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